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Name:Adam Pierson (Methos)
Website:The Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga
“What were you expecting? Einstein? Freud? Buddha? Sorry Joe, I’m just a guy.”
Age: 5,000 (looks 23 or so)
Birthdate: Unknown
Status: Alive
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Present Occupation: Layabout
Past Occupation: Layabout. Oh, and, captain of the Pharaoh's guard, when he was younger.
Location: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Strengths: Immortality (Duh?). Expert swordsman. He's, erm, also a very good liar. And also very good at keeping a low profile.
Weaknesses: He falls in love WAY too easily. If you chop off his head, he dies permanently. He considers his past a weakness and thus goes to every length to conceal it.
Tepeysa-Yami: Methos grew up with Yami, and was in charge of protecting his life as Captain of the Pharaoh's Guard. He believes Yami is dead and doesn't know he's currently sharing a body with an enthusiastic little nerd.
Malik: Methos also grew up with Malik. Again, he believes Malik's dead and doesn't know he's insane and sharing a body with a young English sorcerer-in-training.
✲ Immortals don't have hammer space. Methos just keeps his sword concealed inside his trenchcoat.
✲ He sprawls. Don't try to fix that. It won't work.
✲ Methos speaks many, many languages. He prefers English, though. He'll occasionally let some Khemetic slip through, though.
✲ Even if he tells you he's from Wales, he's not. He's from Ancient Egypt. >.>
✲ Peter Wingfield is from Wales, though. :)
✲ This journal's username—tjasuneresunesu—translates to "Commander of the Royal Guard", or "Captain of the Royal Guard". I hope.
Played By: Peter Wingfield
Originally From:Highlander (the Series)
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✲ Methos is born in Men-Nefer, capital of Ancient Egypt, during the 1st dynasty, four years after his friend Malik and one year before his friend Yami. His mother dies in childbirth.
✲ Yami is born a year later.
✲ Malik, upon his 15th birthday, begins experiencing very painful precognitive visions.
✲ Methos's father, Saikeded, dies when Methos is 16.
✲ Malik's father dies shortly thereafter, and Methos, Yami, and Malik make a pact: if one or more of the trio dies, those remaining will kill themselves to makes sure they won't suffer as Yami's father, Pharaoh Semerkhet, had to.
✲ Semerkhet passes away, and Yami is crowned the new Pharaoh. Methos becomes Captain of Yami's guard, and Malik becomes Yami's Vizier.
✲ Methos "dies" in the line of duty but comes back, and is now fully Immortal.
✲ Malik and Yami pass away; Methos tries to complete their pact but fails miserably due to his Immortality.
✲ Methos leaves Men-Nefer and wanders the Sahara for several months before encountering Teti-Sheri, who informs him of what he is, teaches him about the Game, etc.
✲ Methos continues to wander Egypt for the next millennium, and soon came to realize that mortals were incredibly distrustful of Immortals. He quickly grew very bitter about this.
✲ Methos meets Kronos and Seshata-per-say, AKA Persy, and travels with them for awhile.
✲ During his travels with Kronos and Persy, Kronos convinces Methos to form the Four Horsemen. Methos subsequently became Death; Kronos became Pestilence; Caspian and Silas, two other jaded/insane Immortals they met in Arabia, became Famine and War, respectively.
✲ Methos eventually leaves the Horsemen and returns to Egypt, where he takes an Immortal named Tak-Ne (later to be known as Ramirez) under his wing.
✲ Methos rescues Persy from a fifty-year imprisonment in a cave, after which the three leave Egypt for good.
✲ Methos eventually decides that the best way to survive would be to fade into obscurity and avoid fighting at all costs.
✲ Methos joins the Watchers in an attempt to keep them off his trail. Persy joined as well, and they quickly became two of the Watchers' best researchers.
✲ Methos meets Duncan MacLeod and quickly befriends him.
✲ Methos is forced to leave the Watchers after saving his friend Joe from being executed.
✲ Methos settles down in Seacouver with Duncan, though he still makes annual trips to Egypt on the anniversary of his friends' deaths.

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